Find Your Match

Have you ever wanted to buy one of the high quality hot tubs Stockton CA could offer for yourself, but just don’t have that kind of money to throw around? That was my problem. I have always wanted a hot tub ever since I first used one, but I couldn’t shell out that kind of cash. I searched and searched online and in stores and they were all out of my price range. After some time of researching and looking at reviews, I found my solution!
An inflatable hot tub. Kind of weird to think of right? I thought so myself until I found the perfect one online. It was cheap, held two hundred gallons, and sat four people. It was about five hundred dollars after tax and shipping as opposed to thousands on a regular one. The dealer was very quick about emailing back with the couple questions I had about the warranty and durability.
It shipped to my house within four days from Stockton, California which was three days sooner than expected. It was super easy to set up. My husband and I hooked the air pump up to it and it was ready to fill within a half an hour. The whole process took about three hours total with the water, treatment, and hook ups. The best part was the temperature and the bubbles. Once we were able to test it out, it was very soothing and hot and the bubbles were nice and strong. The bottom of the tub was also very comfortable to sit and stand on which was also a nice plus. We have had and used the hot tub for two years now and it still works better than ever. I have always heard and used the saying “you get what you pay for”. In this case, that isn’t true. It was cheap and was still a very good tub.
So now anytime I come home from a long day at work or just a bad day in general, I turn that baby on and relax for a couple hours with some music and a nice glass of wine. I can honestly say the hot tub has been the best investment I have ever made! If anything happened to it I would buy another one from the same buyer and site in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend an inflatable hot tub for anyone who needs to relax once in a while or even some slight exercising aerobics style, and can’t spend a lot on an “actual” hot tub.